Use NGOs' footprint calculators to create awareness



To contribute to a global goal such as mitigating climate change starts on an individual level. Every small change towards a smaller environmental footprint in your personal life can help our planet. But how can one know what every day measures can help!


We don’t have to invent something new to evaluate our personal environmental footprint. Experts from non-governmental organisations such as WWF have development easy to use foot print calculators. You can use these online tools to calculate your personal impact on our planet’s climate. To enhance the effect of creating more awareness for climate issues, school-classes could use those tools to find out and discuss what changes in their lifestyle would have what specific effects.

copyright of pictures: WWF UK

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Created by  Christoph Buksnowitz 2 years ago


Test User
2 years ago

In an educational context one should also discuss the accuracy of such tools.